When orthodontic concerns are left untreated, that can eventually lead to other health problems, such as uneven or excess wear on teeth, additional stress on jaw joints, inability to properly chew food, and more. These problems can also trigger neck pain and chronic headaches. Having straighter teeth can also help increase a patient’s overall dental health. When teeth are overcrowded and crooked, it can make a patients daily brushing and flossing routine tougher to do.



You’re never too old! Many adults require orthodontic treatment because they were not able to correct those issues when they were younger. In other cases, there are also adults who had gotten orthodontic treatment earlier in life but did not have proper instructions for maintenance after braces were removed. However, as an adult not everyone finds the traditional method of metal brackets convenient. Advances in orthodontics allow us to offer more discrete methods to achieve successful treatment.



When starting orthodontic treatment at an early age, there is a higher chance of avoiding further health issues. Children all develop at different speeds, leading some to require orthodontic treatment sooner than others. Starting earlier can help the young patients avoid various developmental issues, since it lets us properly guide the growth of teeth and jaws. A consultation will determine when is the right time for your child to start!



We use three alternatives to aligning teeth. There is the most common type, which is metal braces. They are made of a high-grade stainless steel and are very durable. For a more cosmetic appeal, we also offer clear braces, made of translucent ceramic material. However, these brackets are more fragile. Another alternative is the Invisalign system. This involves straightening teeth through clear aligners that have been computer simulated. Patients that are older in age are better candidates for Invisalign.